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Care Guide

How to wash and care your undershirt

Tencel has a whole heap of great properties that are helping it to become increasingly popular for a variety of uses. It’s breathable, holds dye superbly (great for anyone who loves vibrant colours in their wardrobe) and is very durable and tough. It’s also suitable for sensitive skin, making it a good alternative to cotton, and it has anti-bacterial properties too. When washing Tencel make sure you only use cold water and a quality detergent that will take gentle care of your clothes.

Materials like cotton and silk have been around for thousands of years and we all know them pretty well. But when something like Tencel comes along, it can leave a lot of people confused. As a much newer fabric, you might not have owned it before and so won’t know a lot about Tencel fabric care, which is why we’ve put together this handy guide to help you out. Does Tencel shrink? How to wash Tencel?


30 Celsius

(800 Rpm)



There is no need to use too hot water when washing your TENCEL undershirt. Keep your washing machine at 30 degree and use quality detergent both the fabric, your wallet and the environment will love you. Washing at 30 degrees instead of 40 degrees uses around 40% less electricity depending on the individual washing machine. 

Will Tencel shrink? Washing and drying it incorrectly could lead to shrinking.

While it is a durable material, Tencel is a fairly a delicate when wet and is susceptible to being damaged by high temperatures, which is why it’s important to school yourself on Tencel fabric care ahead of the laundry process. A gentle cycle on the washing machine is suitable for most items of clothing.

TIP: Before washing, turn your Tencel items inside out for further protection.

Do not dry your undershirt in the machine. When the fabric is wet it is delicate, which can result in shrinkage. 

TENCEL is an extreamly strong fabric so donot worry to much about wear and tear during normal use. 

Avoid drying and high temperatures when washing and you are all set. 

The strenght, durability and colour retention of TENCEL are very high as long as you keep it out of the dryer and high temperature washing programs. 

First of all, this product will rarely need ironing, it has a tight fit so when you wear it, it will automatically stretch into a comfortable position. 

If you still feel the need to iron or steam your undershirt, it is not an issue but keep the temperature at medium.


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