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Comfort and functionality

Our undershirts are made of 96% TENCEL and 4% elastane, which make the undershirt incredibly soft and provides a tailored fit.

It is softer than cotton and has the ability to absorb and transport sweat like sportswear. The breathability and moisture management makes it adapt to your body temperature and the climate you find yourself in; when you are hot it feels cold and when you are cold it feels warm! 

It is made of long-lasting and very strong material and is most importantly derived from renewable wood sources which contributes to it being biodegradable.

Production of TENCEL™

Production of TENCEL is done on a closed loop system. The closed loop system ensures that more than 99% of the chemicals and solvents used in the process to break down the wood pulp are recovered and recycled with minimal waste and very low emissions according to Adheer Bahulkar, a partner at global retail-consulting firm A.T. Kearney.

Additionally TENCEL uses less land and water than cotton regarding production. In fact cotton, especially when industrially farmed to satisfy global demand, uses up to 20 times more water as well as 5 times as much high-quality land than TENCEL.

Renewable wood sources


Size Guide - Seamless CPH

Seamless CPH Undershirt

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