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The Undershirt


If you wear a shirt at work, when going out to eat or on special occasions, you have been in a situation where you have to decide if you want to wear a t-shirt or tank top under your shirt or maybe nothing at all. All alternatives have drawbacks – Seamless CPH’s goal is to change that. You need one solution that is both comfortable and functional –  the Seamless CPH undershirt is that solution. It will be invisible under your shirt and cover your nipples, visible skin and hairs.

Key benefits of the undershirt

See the difference

To illustrate the difference between a white t-shirt and our Seamless CPH undershirt we took two pictures to compare the classic white t-shirt and our undershirt.

White t-shirt Seamless CPH

The current alternatives to the Seamless CPH undershirt

  • The classic: The white t-shirt

  • The newcomer: The grey t-shirt

  • The oldie: The tank top

  • The free chest: No t-shirt

The classic white t-shirt is a no-go. It is simply too visible under a business shirt due to the sharp contrast from the white t-shirt to your skin. In addition, the hem of the t-shirt is visible at the neck and arms. The newcomer grey t-shirt has the same issues as the white – granted, it is slightly less visible due to a lower colour contrast to your skin. The oldie does not protect against discolouring of the armpits of your shirts and is very visible through your shirt. The last alternative is the free chest. It is genuinely invisible but will not protect you (your shirt or co-workers) from a sweaty bike ride. And who says your nipples and stomach is something your co-workers really want to witness.

The Seamless Journey from its botanical origin to your undershirt

tencel is derived from renewable wood sources

The award winning Closed loop system transform wood to tencel

The final fabric is tested to ensure the highest possible quality

Size Guide - Seamless CPH

Our sustainable production in Europe turns tencel into our seamless undershirt

INVISIBLE, comfortable, soft, dry, breathable, anti-bacterical, durable, sustainable and protects your white shirts from yellow discoloration.

Bare Oak
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Calm Cedar

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Royal Mahogany

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