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Our story

Where it all started

We are a Danish based clothing company making high quality, invisible and seamless TENCEL undershirts in Europe. We strive to offer you a product that combines style and comfort as well as being eco-friendly and sustainable due to our innovative processes and materials.


Once upon a time, as many stories go, a determined young Danish man had an epiphany – men’s fashion moves too slow. How many men wore ankle socks five years ago? Why is it only women that have access to naked wear?

His idea was to create an alternative to the old tradition of bad undershirts and as no quality product for men has been made, he decided it was time to change that. Women’s fashion is lightyears ahead of men’s fashion, where thousands of “naked” products exist. It is a matter of time (like with ankle socks) before men’s fashion will catch up – Seamless CPH was created to speed up this process.

This young man was careering in the corporate industry where work attire includes the classic business shirt, unfortunately always accompanied by white t-shirts, tanks tops or visible skin, stomach hairs, nipples and everything else. As the market for naked wear for men is hugely under-developed, he decided to start his own venture. 

He visualised an undershirt that was entirely as comfortable as you would like, made from strong fabric from sustainable sources. An undershirt that would tend to every need a person would have in order to be as productive and effective as possible. But just as important; an undershirt that was invisible to the naked eye. 

Thus he started his extensive research regarding which colours to use, inspired by studies of various skin types and skin tones, as well as the perfect fabric for the undershirt.

The requirements for an ideal fabric was;

  • high quality
  • breathable with the ability to absorb and transport moisture
  • soft and comfortable with an excellent fit
  • derived from sustainable sources
  • odourless and anti-bacterial

The fabric had to be TENCEL. It is quite the fabric but is a relatively new phenomenon in the clothing industry, especially regarding clothing for men.

With its Danish design and tailored fit – the fact that the undershirt, due to the combination of 96% TENCEL and 4% elastane,  suits every body type as if it was custom tailored – makes it a pioneer within the industry that is mens fashion. 

At Seamless CPH, we only accept the best because we know that you only accept the best. Because of that, we have created the best possible business undershirt. We are very thrilled to be on this journey and hope you will join us and be thrilled as well!

Seamless CPH

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