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Size Guide


The Seamless CPH undershirt are available in four sizes, that we believe will fit everyone. The undershirt is made from 96% TENCEL and 4% Elastane, which makes the undershirt highly flexible. This means that even though you are a packing a bit of extra weight you will still be able to fit the XL undershirt – you might even experience that the undershirt keeps everything together very nicely.
CHEST 51 53 55 59
WAIST 47 49 51 56
HIP 47 49 51 56
LENGHT 64 66 69 74


As a general rule, you should buy the size you always buy when getting a new t-shirt. The fabric is highly flexible and will therefore fit almost any imaginable body type.

If you are light as a feather, the small size will likely be the best choice for you, even though you would typically go for an XS.

If you are packing a bit of extra weight XL will suit you even though you might use double or triple XL in regular t-shirts. The founder of Seamless CPH is 1,98 cm and would normally wear an XXL t-shirt – for him, the XL is perfect.

The invisibility of the undershirt is possible due to three things: The seamless design, the fit and the colour. The undershirt is available in three colours: 

Bare Oak – choose this colour if your skin tone is light or if you want a colour that better suits your winter pigment. 

Calm Cedar – choose this colour if your skin tone is medium or tanned.

Royal Mahogany –  choose this colour if you have a darker skin tone. 

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