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Seamless CPH

Our perfect invisible undershirt are made in the soft and sustainable fabric TENCEL™. The undershirts moisture management and temperature regulating abilities keeps you dry all day. The seamless undershirt is designed in Denmark and produced in Europe. 

If you wear a shirt to work, when going out to eat or on special occasions, you have been in a situation where you have to decide if you want to wear a t-shirt or tank top under your shirt or maybe nothing at all. All alternatives have drawbacks – Seamless CPH’s goal is to change that. You need one solution that is both comfortable and functional –  the Seamless CPH undershirt is that solution. It will be invisible under your shirt and cover your nipples, visible skin, and hairs. 

See the difference

To illustrate the difference between a white t-shirt and our Seamless CPH undershirt we took two pictures to compare the classic white t-shirt and our undershirt.

Classic White T-Shirt Our Undershirt

What is the perfect


INSIVIBLE, comfortable, soft, dry, moisture management, breathable, anti-bacterical, durable, sustainable and protects your shirts from yellow discoloration.


ANTI-BACterial and highly breathable

high quality TENCEL™

Dry & cool moisture management

Delivery and transportation

Within Denmark, we offer free shipping on all orders above 499 DKK. And to make sure that you receive your new undershirts as quickly as possible we always ship within 24 hours monday to friday.

We trust our product 100% and therefore we offer free returns and exchanges in Denmark for 30 days from you receive your product.

Sustainable production

Seamless CPH strives to be sustainable in all aspects of our business. From raw material to the final product we handpicked our partners based on their dedication to sustainability. TENCEL™ fibers are derived from renewable wood sources and have earned the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) BioPreferred® designation. Our production facilities are based in Europe and run a certified sustainable production. We even made sure that our packaging is eco-friendly.

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